I will be hosting a webinar with Helen Valls-Russell of Ergocom.

This webinar will take place on Zoom on 12 October 2023

and will commence at 1:30pm and end by 4:45pm. 

We will be looking at the complex topic of sickness absence.  We will cover practical considerations in obtaining medical information and the specific issues to be aware of in relation to disabilities, including hidden disabilities.

We will be taking a positive approach, of course considering the pitfalls and challenges, but focussing more on the practical aspects of how to work to a solution, and how effective guidance from occupational, or vocational, health practitioners can be vital in resolving tricky workplace health and attendance matters.

We will also consider potential end of the road scenarios, in terms of the options when reasonable steps have failed to resolve matters, or when other alternatives may be more beneficial for all parties.

Please join us for what I can assure you will be a very useful and insightful session.

If you would like to attend please simply drop an email to me at katelawson@elementlaw.co.uk