Workplace Mediation – A Cost Effective Solution

In any scenario where a group of people are put together for a sustained period of time you are likely to see disputes arise. When these occur in the workplace they can threaten the morale of the staff and the productivity of the business. At times like this it’s vital for there to be an option that:

  1. Resolves disputes quickly before an employment relationship is unsalvageable.
  2. Is cost-effective and avoids a Tribunal hearing.

That option is Mediation, a highly effective form of alternative dispute resolution.

As an accredited workplace mediator I can help you reach the resolution you are looking for and avoid a costly and drawn out process.

Mediation gives both parties a neutral ground to work through their issues, in an attempt to reach a mutually agreed settlement. Over 80% of mediations are successful for both parties.

Workplace Mediation is:

  • Constructive and Defusing

  • Flexible and Cost-Effective

  • Confidential and Supportive

Employment Mediation should always be considered when:

  • There is a conflict between employees

  • A grievance has been raised by a staff member

  • There are allegations of harassment, bullying or discrimination

  • Complex or multi-party disciplinary situations arise that need to be carefully handled

What Next

Workplace Mediation is frequently a very cost effective and simple approach to reaching a resolution. There is a fixed cost for the mediation itself, either a half or full day, from £500 plus VAT (with price dependent on the complexity of the issues). If the mediation continues after the agreed time you will be charged the additional time at the normal hourly rate.

To enquire about our mediation services e-mail katelawson@elementlaw.co.uk or call 01892 516216

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