Our Chosen Charity – African Promise

I am proud to be a trustee of African Promise, an incredible organisation which has to-date largely rebuilt 7 primary schools in the rural region of Kasigau in southern Kenya, with the 8th school in the advanced stages of its rebuild.

African Promise is also our chosen charity for Element Law, and we are pleased to support African Promise through monthly donations.

African Promise provides around 3,000 disadvantaged children across 8 primary schools with comfortable, safe and well-lit classrooms, a sufficient number of well-built and hygienic toilets and clean drinking water.  African Promise also provides the children with a nutritious lunch each school day, as a vital part of keeping them in school and able to focus on their learning.

By this support, African Promise removes many of the barriers to education that these children face, ensuring they are fed and are warm and dry, that their schools have the facilities to deliver a worthwhile and valuable education, thereby improving the lives of the children today and giving them opportunities and a better future.

Find out more about the charity’s life-changing work and how you too can support it at africanpromise.org.uk/walk-to-school.

It is a wonderful organisation which we are very proud to support.

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