Date                27 June 2024                                   

Time               12:30 to 13:30                         

Location         Zoom

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Outline of the webinar

It is not uncommon during a grievance procedure that one or more employees is signed off sick for a long period.  This may be the employee raising the grievance or the employee/s against whom the grievance is raised.

This frequently causes difficulties in terms of investigating and progressing the grievance and resolving the issues, leaving the other parties involved in limbo while awaiting an outcome and a resolution.

In this webinar we will be looking specifically at the impact on the grievance procedure of ongoing absence for stress/anxiety/depression, and the best way to manage the arising issues.

I will be joined by Helen Valls-Russell of Ergocom Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists to look at active management of these absences, including support during the absence and to return to work, and support of the wider team during this difficult period.


From Element Law

Kate Lawson is a skilled employment solicitor driven to find solutions to conflict in the workplace through practical management   of workplace issues, upskilling and mediation.

 From Ergocom

Helen Valls-Russell is an experienced vocational rehabilitation practitioner who actively supports businesses and their employees to achieve positive outcomes following periods of absence.