Team Cohesion, Grievances and Mental Health: Review and Reflection

Date           16 May 2024                                             

Time           12:30 to 13:30                                  

Location    Zoom

RSVP             Please email katelawson@elementlaw.co.uk

Many businesses are receiving an increased number of grievances being raised by employees against one or more colleagues.

Frequently these employees cite the impact on their mental health of poor working relations with these colleague/s.

In this lunchtime webinar, taking place during Mental Health Week, we will:

  • review the stages of a grievance procedure;
  • consider the impact of grievances on a team, and
  • explore solutions to team conflicts.

I will be joined by Katie Day and Roger Prentis of RDP International to discuss how an understanding by employees of the personalities and profiles of their colleagues can improve team cohesion, and to provide insights on how to build stronger, healthier teams.


Element Law

Kate Lawson is a skilled employment solicitor driven to find solutions to conflict in the workplace.  She is also a qualified mediator, and provides regular training on a range of HR issues.


RDP International

Katie Day works with organisations on their CSR, Diversity and Leadership agendas.  She also guest lectures on Business Etiquette, Effective Communication, Diversity and Balanced Thinking.

Roger Prentis is an experienced trainer and consultant specialising in the development of people’s and organisations’ potential. He has particular interest in leadership development and communication.